School Uniform Pros And Cons Essay

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Public schools in the United States have never fully adopted a school uniform like most private and religious schools have. Public schools do have a very descriptive dress code that they add to set the standards for how to properly dress for school. The schools normally involve rules that exclude inappropriate clothing for numerous reasons. Now, schools are starting to adopt the use of school uniforms. The reasoning is because the idea of school uniforms is theorized to benefit the learning environment. Many studies have been conducted to conclude whether school uniforms have any affect in school or not. High school is the time when kids want to try to compete to fit in with their peers. School uniforms would help not only the school but the …show more content…
There have been reports that support these conclusions. Another study, conducted in 1998, concluded that uniform policies are ineffective at a high school level(8). The report goes on to say how kids at the high school level do not respect and see the same effect that teachers try to see. School uniforms show a quality that is more of a burden than a benefit in school. Increased conformity could make school boring at times(3). Uniforms may actually reduce self-esteem as it restricts the ability of students to express themselves(3). The issue of school uniforms has its pros and cons. Student dress does not cause or will not cure all the ills facing the schools. The statistics of school uniforms are back and forth. In 1996, the United States Department of Education found that only 3 percent of public schools required uniforms(3). In 2007, 15.8 percent of principals in the United States said that their schools required uniforms. That number jumped in 2012 the about 22.5 percent of schools admitting that they have required school uniforms(2). According to these numbers, the number of schools who are adopting a school uniform is rising. Schools are starting to realize that uniforms are

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