Why Prostitution Should Be Legal Essay

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On Prostitution
Prostitution is one of the most debated topics of our time. Sex workers believe that prostitution should be legal, and that its illegality has led to more violence and exploitation. Those against believe that legal prostitution would lead to more sex slavery andsexually transmitted diseases, as well as more of what prostitutes already face. The negative effects of criminalization, and the comparison of countries with limited legal prostitution policies proves that decriminalization is the best chor sex workers and their clients in america.
Sex workers have been stigmatized for almost all history. Prostitutes are considered immoral, dirty, and untrustworthy. They are often associated with drugs and gangs. Both women and men in the sex industry are considered dirty. Society thinks of them as vixens who seduce men and women with malicious intent. Many men and women are forced into the industry. It is because of impoverishment more often than not. Prostitutes are terrified of the police, as are their clients:
Communication about prostitution is also used as evidence, so it 's dangerous for women to negotiate terms clearly before they meet their clients, which can create volatile situations. There are also accusations of police abusing women, or police having sex with prostitutes before arresting them. (qtd. in Berlatsky 1)
Alaska changed its law so that prostitutes would be considered victims instead of criminals. Berlatsky also quoted that more than a quarter…

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