Essay On Right To Privacy

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Would the American people be willing to give up their privacy, freedom, happiness, and decision making in exchange for government protection? In America, this is slowly becoming a reality when regarding the right to privacy. For many years, the government has been steadily stripping the right to privacy from Americans piece by piece. This violation is only creating greater problems. The United States government and its agencies have been illegally collecting the private and personal information of Americans for years now. When it violates the right to privacy the government is also violating American freedoms. There are many Americans willing to surrender their rights while others are fighting to protect them. The purpose of this essay is to …show more content…
If privacy were not a core and respected principle, personal information would be available for anyone to see, from personal text messages to medical records. Everyone has something that he or she would like to keep private, and these people should be entitled to the right to privacy. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis once famously wrote that the right to privacy means “the right to be let alone” (Batten 187). Brandies’ words are great ones, and it is unfortunate that the United States government overlooks them. Although the Constitution does not address privacy specifically, this right should not be ignored nor violated. In many states, there are laws which protect the right to privacy. Some of these laws focus on government intrusion in general and others on unreasonable searches and seizures (Batten 189). Having the right to be let alone, protects Americans from government actions that may violate their expectation of privacy. This right not only defends the freedoms of Americans by restricting government intrusion but also functions as an essential factor to the foundation of this country. Privacy is the backbone that supports many other rights of the American people. It sustains freedom, life, liberty, happiness and so many other rights and values that are important to the people. If privacy is not defended as a right that is respected and honored, people may lose their freedoms as Americans to an overreaching

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