Why People Shouldn 't Use Cell Phones While Driving Essay

1317 Words Feb 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Drivers in Mississippi should not be permitted to use cell phones while driving Mississippi drivers should not be permitted to use any cell phones while they are driving. There are multiple reasons why people in Mississippi should not use cell phones while driving. It can cause fatalities, can be considered distracted and drunk driving. People who multitask think that they can do it all the time but that is not true. Talking on the phone, texting while driving and many other things are reasons why people have wrecks. One of the main reasons is because people are being distracted by their cell phones. Distracted driving is when drivers are not focused on the road and they are doing other things besides driving. There are many types of driving distractions. The main three being manual, visual, and cognitive.(source) Manual distractions is when drivers take their hands off of the steering wheel. (source) Things such as eating, texting, smoking, searching through purses and wallets are manual distractions. Visual distractions is when a person’s eyes wander off of the road. (source)Things such as looking around at the view, adjusting things in the car, and even searching for things on the floor is visual distractions. The last type of driving distraction is cognitive distractions. Cognitive distractions happen when the drivers mind tends to focus on other things besides the road causing the car to drift away. (Source) Cognitive distractions include things such as talking to…

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