Why People Do People Behave Differently When They Are? Essay

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Different studies and researchers suggest that people behave differently when they are in public or in private (Leary, 1995). One of the reasons why people have different reactions in public is the way they want to be perceived by the audience (Snyder, 1974): they might try to adopt an attitude that might please the audience or respond to the situation’s demands. In order to obtain the interest or the acceptance of the public, people try to influence the audience through subtle actions and attitudes (Schlenker, 1980). Based on Jones’ (1990) study, there are four main points that describe the process: a) people try to agree with others’ opinions in order to increase the attraction; b) people try to be modest; c) people try not to look too desperate for others’ acceptance and d) people try to mention about their connection with other people who have more potential or power.
A reasonable explanation for such behaviour comes from the researcher Linda L. Carli (2001) who suggested that sex difference plays a role in how people publicly present themselves.
As Linda L. Carli (2001) notes, “women are less influential when using dominant forms of communication” which means that women are more likely to display a warmer attitude than men when in public. Further support, comes from the researchers Spence and Buckner (2000) who also stated that women are “social specialists”, “communal and warm human beings” whereas men had been described as “achievement-oriented” individuals who…

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