Essay about Why People Choose Private Or Public School

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There are several factors why people choose private or public school. One of the major differences between private and public school is that the private school is not funded by the government; they are independently funded. But the public and charter school is funded through the government. However, parent’s considered many factors when choosing schools that best meet their needs. The factor parent’s considered when choosing private or public school are; private or public admission, state or non-state standard curriculum, discipline, non-religion or religious affiliation, paid or non-paid tuition, class sizes, and certified or non-certified teacher. Both public school and private school put their best forward to provide learning environment to meet the need of the public.
Private school admission has strict guidelines which can make it difficult for anyone to get admission. Private schools can be very selective when admitting students. But the public school admits student, regardless of religious creed, academic abilities or any other factor (Faisal, 2015). In regards to curriculum private schools have the flexibility to choose but are not limited by state guidelines. But in contrast to the public school curriculum, teachers spend about 22 hours per week focusing on core subjects compared to private school teachers that spent less than 3 hours (Choy, 1997). Private schools tend to have a more rigorous program academically because of greater high school graduates earned a…

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