Essay about Why Native Advertising Is It Can Be Sneaky

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Native advertising

Native advertising came about a few years ago as a way for advertisers to get around ad blocking software that is used my many people. With the increase use of services that block ads advertisers came up with a form of advertisement that is forced on consumers. Native ads are so interworked with the design and functionality of the page. ( If you want to view the page it is often a requirement for a person to turn off the ad blocker software to be able to view the page.

Pros- pros to native advertising is it less intrusive than traditional ads. It flows seamlessly with the flow of the page so it is really difficult to detect. When I read this I thought about the Native ads on yahoo. I go to yahoo to find a lot of my national news and have ran across native ads on many occasions.

Con- cons to Native advertising is it can be sneaky. I mentioned Yahoo in the pro category as an example but those ads are obnoxious and intrusive. I click on them thinking it is another news story and get sent to places that I would never go willingly.

Even with software on my computer that would help shield me from these cyber attacks, native ads can be so intertwined with the page that the page requires me to disable the software to be able to view their page. One of the readings (I can’t find this quote now) compares Native ads with extortion.

These ads can be untrustworthy and force themselves on you taking our rights away and that is a huge con in my…

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