Why Men in the Revolution Fought Essay

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Why Men Fought in the American Revolution

“Why Men Fought in the American Revolution,” explains the reasons that American men decided to fight and risk their lives for their families and their beliefs. Robert L. Middlekauff lists his opinions in this excerpt of the many reasons men chose to fight against the British in the Revolutionary War. In “Why Men fought in the American Revolution,” MiddleKauff makes the argument that the American soldiers fought because their beliefs were reflected through their fighting. He shows that soldiers used their relationships to endure the fighting, felt a sense of responsibility to their family and to their country, and shows the false explanations that some believe to be true.
Soldiers relied
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Middlekauff explains that the closer the American militia was to home, the better they fought. The American men had enjoyed the concept of independence. They already had feelings of equality among their comrades, which led to the choosing of their own officers. Soldiers weren’t asked too much, they were only required to fight for three years. The soldiers stuck to their principles of liberty and independence to help them throughout the war. “They were fighting for the ‘blessings of liberty,’” as George Washington put it. Men were expected to display courage, honor, and gallantry while fighting for what they believed in. To promote the idea of liberty and independence men were expected to fight for the good of the nation instead of their own personal freedoms. Middlekauff believes that fighting in the revolutionary war on the American side determined and tested one’s manliness. American Militiamen had a duty to their families and to their country to defeat the British and attain independence.
Middlekauff makes a point to discredit the arguments that some critics give as reasons why the American Militiamen fought. First of all, he begins by claiming that others argued that the only reason that American soldiers fought was because of the fear put in place by their officers. There were several means of punishment that the army inflicted upon deserters or men that

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