A Respectable Army Summary

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A Respectable Army: The Military Origins of the Republic, 1763-1789 is the third edition of A Respectable Army written by James Kirby Martin and Mark Edward Lender. The historical text depicts the America Revolution in a new light, while maintaining a central focus on the military, social, and political aspects. James Kirby Martin is a history professor at the University of Houston and has authored over a dozen history based books. Mark Edwards Lender is a retired history professor at Kean University and has authored several history based books, as well. Martin and Lender have co-authored two other books (name them here). The authors have utilized numerous primary sources, like diary entries and personal letters from the Revolutionary War era. …show more content…
One perspective argued that the United States was victorious because of the common man that were enlisted in the state militias. The other perspective is that was presented, and one that the authors favor, was that it was due to the Standing Armies that the United States became victors. The author’s overall aim was to identify the various myths that are associated with the Revolutionary War and discredit, or establish the false from the truth, these myths. By doing this, the authors hoped to establish the way in which the experience of war helped to formulate the republican …show more content…
The fact that the book is divided into chapters was a smart concept. It makes reading the book easy to understand and maneuver. The inclusion of para texts, illustrations, secondary sources, and the authors’ notes were beneficial to their understanding. It also helped the book flow easier. Terry Golway, the Director at Kean University Center for History, Politics, and Policy, writes, “’A Respectable Army’ is insightful, well-written account of the enduring legacy of America’s war of independence. The authors have done a wonderful job turning their research into an immensely readable narrative”
In conclusion, the authors presented the main thesis that the Revolutionary War concluded with the United States as the victors because of the mercenary armies (Stationary Armies) and not just the state militia (freehold farmers). With their argument I learned that there were various arguments surrounding the credibility of the militias and armies. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in obtaining knowledge about the Revolutionary war period and

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