Was The American Revolution Identified Or Legally Justified?

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Colonel and former president, George Washington once says, “Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth (Brainyquotes 1).” Similarly, the American Revolution’s ideal of the war being irrepressible rapidly grew. To continue with this idea, the British, or the Parliament did not see their acts towards the colonists as unlawful, and saw this to be legally justified. The causes of war due to a religious awakening, the British disrespecting the colonists such as levy taxes, no legal rights, and the British wanting too much control. The American Revolution is an irrepressible conflict. The event in America called the, Great Awakening, resulted in the colonists to realize what their cultural identity is, and the realization …show more content…
After the French and Indian War, the British were in debt about $192,596,692.10 in U.S., part of the money to maintain military control in new territory land. Due to the fact the British needed to pay off due debt from the war, the Parliament came up with a financial idea, which did not please the colonists, establish levy taxes. Lecture 10 states, “because the colonies were plantations (and thus their assemblies had no legal standing), the Parliament insisted that it had the authority to levy direct taxes without seeking approval from the colonial assemblies (2)”. If the colonists were seem as plantations with no legal standing, this would mean the fight against the British, American Revolution, would have no legal standing of the control of the colonists, thus this would mean the war was an irrepressible conflict. Another key note is that the Parliament saw the colonists as plantations, or in other words just people who could produce money to pay off for the war the British were in, which the colonists were not a part of. Overall the colonist were furious and upset for two reasons: the fact the people are seen to produce money, with no human rights, and being taxed with no say, or taxation without representation. Another act, which the Parliament enforced was the “Intolerable …show more content…
The common pattern in the few years before the American Revolution is the cause-and-effect mistreatment from the British to the colonists, which would cause the American Revolution to occur and become an irrepressible conflict.
The American Revolution was an irrepressible conflict. The causes of the war are due to the Great Awakening, and the British mistreating the colonists. The British were caused the colonists to push the British away due to levy taxes, and unlawful excuses toward the American colonists. Similar to Washington’s quote how liberty begins to root being a rapid plant growth, the causes of the war are the root and the American Revolution sparked the growth, which turned into an irrepressible war. If the American Revolution was not an irrepressible conflict, America would most likely be under British

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