Out Of Our Past Carl Degler Analysis

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In the article “Out of Our Past: The Forces That Shaped Modern America” Carl Degler analyzes how the basis of the American Revolution which inspired multiple other revolutions globally was political and not economical. Degler wrote the Article to inform and persuade his audience that the American Revolution was politically driven by backing up his claim with credible evidence. The thesis of the Article is “This was no heedless, impetuous overthrow of an oppressor; rather it was a slowly germinating determination on the part of Americans to counter and thwart a change in their hitherto established and accepted ways of governing” (95). This expresses how the Revolution developed slowly as the colonies started to find themselves an there own entity politically and that it wasn’t directly related to the treatment they received from Britain economically including taxation, …show more content…
The book shows the causes of the revolution through the rebellions of colonist to multiple Acts enforced by the British parliament and emphasizing the ideal of “no taxation without representation” making the colonist seem like victims of an extremely harsh mother country. While the article shows that the British were treating the colonist in a fare way and that they were not taxing the in a ridiculous matter and showing the revolution in a much more political matter. This allows me to balance out the two different extremes of the article and the book to make my own interpretation of the revolution as I can use my knowledge from both sources. This allows me to see that economic factors did contribute to the American Revolution but more on principle and that political separation of colonist and the mother country was caused as the too grew apart and began to establish their own

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