The Ideological Origins Of The American Revolution

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The history of colonial America and the colonists’ erudite actions to gain their independence from Britain has served as a microcosm in history to display how the American Revolution was crucial and influenced several movements around the world such as the French Revolution. Some might even argue that the French Revolution also inspired European revolutionary movements and the Russian Revolution around the 1940s. The thirteen colonies altered the way they were being run and developed a unique form of a democratic government after colonists saw interference by the British as denial and restriction of their simple rights that other British subjects possessed without any limitations. The entire world was in awe after witnessing the thirteen colonies defeat a big “powerhouse” such as Great Britain with scarce resources and a feeble army. In the Ideological Origins of the American Revolution: a bibliography, author Bernard Bailyn, goes beyond popular depiction by providing his belief that, “intellectual ideology was the main cause that sparked the Revolutionary War through political pamphlets.” (Bailyn, 23) Mr. Bailyn did so by pointing out several legacies that he considered to be “intellectual”, such as the New

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England Puritans, Enlightenment Rationalism, Classical
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Bailyn argued that this intellectual ideology set up a way of thinking amongst the colonists. Due to small events Britain was enacting upon, it made the colonists very frigid and upset. All colonists had negative interpretations towards events such as Britain stationing troops in Boston without the consent of the people in 1768. Colonists saw this as a form of assault on their liberty. In my opinion, I would feel discomfort knowing that Britain was being passive aggressive and depriving us from our

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