American Revolution: Radical: Rhetoric Of The American Revolution

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American Revolution

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Reasons for stating American revolution was conservative 1
Reasons for stating American revolution was radical 3
Rhetoric of American revolution and Abolitionism 5
Reflections: 6
Conclusions 7

American Revolution was a political battle that had taken place between 1765 and 1783. In this time the 13 colonies of America, rejected British oligarchy and wanted to become independent. It was from this action that the United States of America was formed. The American Revolution is also known as the Revolutionary war that originated in 1775. It was fought between the American patriots and British soldiers. This was had started in Lexington and in
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This will be probed with events from history and alternative theories. These aspects will be probed in detail in the following.
The thesis statement is that the American Revolution was indeed revolutionary and radical. It had caused significant changes in the political landscape across the
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He goes further to explain that the founding fathers did not do much for the cause of slavery and that assuming that only American Revolution lead to freedom of the slaves is a dangerous rhetoric in itself. However, Wood states that the precedent set by the American Revolution had led to the people to assume the fundamental notions of liberty and independence and this was essayed in the Slavery movement. Wood repeatedly states that the notion and the seeds of liberty had started in the movement of the American Revolution. Even in the argument made by Nash, he states that the founding fathers had explicitly explained about their disregard for the slavery actions undertaken in the societies. They had a great disdain for the actions of slavery and this was clearly elucidated by them (Young

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