Essay on Why Male Doesn 't Be An Adult

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Growing up as an adult, my mother would always tell me to act like a girl and do the “girls” activity. One of the activity that she believed was designated for female – cooking. As a little girl, I matured quicker than anyone else. I learned to cook, clean, and do most of the chorus. Few years later, my brother was born. That’s when I started thinking about why male doesn 't have to cook. I was confused and frustrated on how they treated my brother differently as compared to me. They wouldn’t allowed or expected him to cook, not even washing dishes. Whereas I was expected to cook and take care of the family. Recently, I had an argument with my mother about why my brother doesn 't have to do anything. She said, “You’re brother is too young, and he shouldn 't be focusing on cooking. He should focus on education.” “Young!?” I said. I learned to cook since I was the same age as him. “Why he doesn’t have to do anything? Just because he’s a boy? ” I cried. I asked her, “What makes you think that it’s women’s job to cook? She gives me no other answer but states that it’s part of our biological motherhood. And she was “culturally” brought up with the idea that women should learn how to cook. And yet, ironically, if women do most of the cooking, why are men the ones who has the higher position level in cooking? Cooking is a field of arts that was expected to be women’s domestic role. When you think about women and cooking, you would immediately associated these two dictions with…

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