Essay on Why Leaders Are Born, But Are They?

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Many believe leaders are born; but are they? In the article, Why Seek Assessment,
Challenge, and Support, by H. Browning and E. Van Velsor we are persuaded to believe otherwise. Browning and Van Velsor “believe there are three key elements that drive leadership development: assessment, challenge and support” (2000, p. 7). Utilizing the elements of leadership development in addition to understanding where one currently resides in the 3 developmental situations allows a leader to grow and enhance their leadership capabilities and in turn become better leaders (Browning & Van Velsor, 2000). The authors also emphasize an important point in how leadership skills are developed. Developing leadership capabilities is not a skill simply read and practiced in a classroom; more often than not, leadership skill development occurs in both personal and professional situations (Browning & Van Velsor,
According to Browning and Van Velsor (2000), understanding and applying each element is key to developing leadership capabilities. Before developing a plan to enhance leadership skills, an assessment must be conducted to ensure the correct weaknesses or areas of opportunity are addressed. This is accomplished through the first element, assessment.
Obtaining feedback can be accomplished in any number of ways; including Meyers-Briggs, 360 feedback, performance appraisals, or even by informally asking a colleague about their perceptions (Browning & Van Velsor, 2000). One of the most…

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