Creative Power Principle Essay

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17. Why Is ‘The CONTRAST PRINCIPLE’ So Significant?
• CONTRAST is ‘built in’ within the Triune Structure of a Living Being, where The ‘I’ represents the ‘absolute stillness’ or ‘fixed point’ and The CREATIVE POWER PRINCIPLE brings into existence The Contrast to it, which is MOVEMENT. Precisely, Mother Energy & Fate Element as ‘organs’ of Super Consciousness in ‘coordination with Sexual Principle are responsible for ‘Reconstruction’ of Living Being’s Sub-Consciousness, which in reality translates in Re-creation of Organism & Formation of Fate. It is clear that The Creative Power Principle is behind “…the entire part of the functioning of the Consciousness in the Living Being that is not temporal and spatial” (Quote from ‘The Eternal World Picture’ Vol I, chapter #11)
• “Every Experience, All Life, IS ONLY SENSE OF CONTRAST. Because of this sensation A ‘Living Being’ is seen to be a ‘fixed point’ between
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Worshiping of the former is intense in extremely primitive corners of the Globe while nurturing the last is still almost consensually approved in modern Western cultures. Both are prime attractive forces of the ‘hard dying’ Old World Impulse manifesting in pseudo-religious fundamentalism and militarism respectively. Both are dark and smelly mental ‘residue’ of still strong “Killing Principle” within ‘Transitional’ Humans. Obviously, those states of ‘bones chilling winter’ mental climates are essential for genuine learning to distinguish ‘good’ from ‘evil’ in true cosmic terms. This is also part of the logical transition from The Universe’s ‘Secondary’ to its ‘Prime Consciousness’ within Cosmic Spiral no one can avoid or skip

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