Why Is Socialization Important For Child Development? Essay

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Introduction: Why is socialization important for child development?
There are many types of child development. Three main area of child development are physical development, emotional development and social development. These three are of development are important for every child to be develop fully. One of the most important development areas is social development because socialization is important for children’s development of interacting with peers. Socialization does not begin at birth but it begins shortly after birth throughout adulthood. It is very important for a child to be well developing in socialization because socialization is connected to how they develop independent behavior. Socialization is base on how we interact with others. There are many ways that parent can help their child’s socialization if the child needs help. And also socialization can help children to build the child’s ways of engaging or interacting with other latter in life. Socialization can help children build empathy for other, sharing, language development, problem solving and as well as finding a way to be happy.
Observation Statement: Vantinrem Siakhel (3 year old)
Vantinrem Siakhel just turned three on august 24. Vantinrem is a girl who is currently attending pre-school. Vantinrem’s development in physically and emotionally is well develop. She weight 38 lbs and her height is 38 inches. For three years old she is also well develop on her language development. Her first language is Chin,…

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