Why Is Rural People Live In Longer Life

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As society develops, people put more value on their better lives. Therefore, many people move into big cities to get better educations and get a better job. However, compared to cities, living in rural areas is safer for people because those who are living in the countryside live in longer life than urban people, have an atmosphere of people and not dangerous. Therefore, many retired people move into the countryside.

One of the most important reasons why rural areas are less safe is rural area people live in longer life than live in urban people. Nowadays, people in cities have tighter and busier schedules and more competitive lives than the countryside. Therefore, they have study more and get some licenses to get a better job, so they feel
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Nowadays, people live in urban are very busy because they have tight schedules and have a lot of stress from their work or study. Therefore, people do not know their neighbors ' face and the situation, but in the countryside, people know their neighbors’ face and circumstances. In other words, I cannot lock the door and windows when I go to school or grocery shop even I go to camping in the Linsay, one of my country house. However, I lock the all the time, in Toronto when I live in a semester because in the Linsay house, neighbors watching my house and I am watching neighbor’s house, but in Toronto condominium, I did not know who live in my condominium and next door neighbors. In addition, People should have many friends. Toronto is a lot of people and different culture; therefore, they did not get real friend because people pursue their benefits and different cultural gap. However, in the countryside, almost people live in long time their territory and most of people know each other. For instance, in Lindsay where away from two hours by car northeast of Toronto. It is so hard to role in the community at the first time, but if people can get in there, they should experience the amazingness because I know just one friend on the first day, in that community after a month I know 20 people. If people move to the countryside, they have hundreds of friends one year later you should be the well-known person without an election. Furthermore, most people are not kind and not help each other in big cities; however, people live in rural area; they are very nice and help each other when they have a problem. For example, I was stuck on the shoulder of the road last winter. The mistake of handling drove me to the snow bank. I was not allowed to be in panic before my car stuck, two trucks was surrounded my vehicle both drivers jump out of the truck. There were lope on their hands. They

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