Why Is Not Putting Faith? Essay

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“Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier”. That’s what my mother says and believes in all the time. When my brother born with kidney failure in 1991, he was so small that no hospital accepted his case in Africa because they did not want to take that risk. My parents did not lose hope and decided to send my brother’s report to the major hospitals in America. We received an acceptance letter from Fairview Hospital my parents were so happy, but with good news came back news my mom was worried about the expenses of the trip. So she increased her hours at work and sold all her jewelry. On the other hand, my dad sold our house. Also with the help of our extended family member we raised enough money for my mom and brother to fly to America. Without my parents hard work I wouldn’t be the person I am today they always taught me to never lose hope and always chase your dream no matter what.
The idea that the youngest child is spoiled was not the case for me. Since my parents dedicated their full attention on my brother’s health they didn’t really have time for me or my other siblings. Fast forward to my last two years of high school. I thought because my brother’s health was better and the family were happy again that some of the focused can be shifted to me. I needed my parents to pay attention to me for once because I was overwhelmed with school and having a job on the side didn’t help either. I think I’ve reached my limit and ultimately gave up on my education.…

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