My Life Without Regrets

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I have always tried to live my life without regrets, so this assignment was kind of hard for me. I had to sit down and really think about what it is that I would want to tell my younger self. Then it finally hit me, one thing I would tell myself as a child is to take more opportunities that come my way. Not saying that we should take every opportunity, but to enjoy life a little more when we are given the chance to. I would explain to my younger self that we may not realize it now but we have always lived such a serious life. Never really allowing ourselves to have much fun. This is something that we shouldn’t do to ourselves, we deserve joy just as much as everyone else does. My first job happened at 14 years old and have had a job ever since. …show more content…
I remember getting complement about how much I would smile. But then something happened and I became this person who doesn’t genuinely laugh much anymore. I find it hard to joke and I’ve turned into this “buzz kill” kind of person. Where before I would have been honest but with a side of humor so that people never were hurt by what I said and it wouldn’t bother anyone. But, now I’m just brutally honest and it tends to hurt people’s feelings, or the way I say things may get misinterpreted. Because in all honesty I don’t ever want to hurt anyone’s feeling, but I do want to still be able to help them, especially if it’s something I have experience with. I just feel as though I am becoming a bitter old person and I don’t like it at all. It’s like I feel everything at once, people’s energy, people’s emotions, and I want to heal and help everyone. Yet, I have neglected my own self for so long that I think I have begun to resent myself for it and it is beginning to bleed out into everything. The joy in my life has been clouded and masked by all the dirt I allowed to build up and I’m beginning to pass that dirt on to others and this is not right. Everyone deserves love and joy no matter what has happened to them, but some demons just never get dealt with and it can begin to hide that light. I would end my conversation tell my younger self to take better care of ourselves, inside and out and

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