John F Kennedy's Accomplishments

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The life of John F. Kennedy was filled with bravery, perseverance, and utmost defeat. During his life as president, he faced harsh criticism and made plenty of enemy, he has been crossed and he has double-crossed. The man was edgy and push for the things he believed in and fought hard to prevent tragedies from collapsing the nation. But he was not perfect. Every choice he made from deciding to run for president to deciding to sleep with assistance impacted the awful conclusion of his life. Resulting the importance of choices and vigilance in your surroundings.
John F. Kennedy was a hardball. There is no wonder why he made so many enemies during his time in office. The economic elites were floored by Kennedy 's, in their eyes, radical views
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Kennedy was hated but most would be an understatement. Kennedy was making enemies left and right even before he ran for office. One of them being the cynical, hypocritical and vile J. Edgar Hoover, who openly and passionately voiced his plight of the Kennedy presidency. Hoover was a man born of hypocrisy, the man that fought for conservation of morals and sanctity in the country while having blatant racist beliefs and constant sexual excursions with his office aide, Clyde Tolson (Twyman 775). Author Anthony Summers “interviewed witnesses who personally observed Hoover in homosexual encounters with young men; witnesses who observed Hoover dressed as a woman; and a witness who had seen a photograph that was is the possession of the Mafia and the CIA showing Hoover in a homosexual act.” (Twyman 775) Hoover was a closeted homosexual racist, who had an obsession of sex and directed that energy towards his …show more content…
King was leading the movement toward equality, which threaten and angered Hoover’s racist integrity, which led to him illegally recording bedroom activities involving Dr. King and other women as well as sending the transcripts to the White House and Dr. King’s wife in an attempt to discredit and end his reign on the movement (Twyman 776). Then again, Hoover got agents to write letter mimicking that of his wife in a desperate attempt to make push King into grief and resentment to cause a suicide of the leader (Twyman 777). When the letter was a bust, in a conversation with H.L. Hunt, richest man in history, his aide John Curington recalls, “Hunt telling Hoover that he could finish King by constantly attacking him on his daily radio broadcasts. Hoover replied that it would not work. He said the only way to only way to stop King would be to ‘completely silence’ him.” (Twyman) This statement directly suggests that Hoover planned and executed the plan for the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And if he could do it once, what’s there to say that he would not do it again? Hoover’s ruthless character shine through as a sexually frustrated, bigot obsessed with power. So now knowing who he is, what did he have against John F. Kennedy? Well,

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