Why Is It Important For Children Essay

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Why is it important for child to be a child for as long as they can be? Children performers these day in school, on a Hollywood stage, and or the red carpet or television show, are not being well education. Also these children in school who are not performing well, suffer from bullying, rude and crucial comments, and some of the time they don 't have very stable homes. On the other hand, these kid performers who are on Hollywood sets and red carpets, suffer from stress disorders and sometime it overwhelming for younger children. These children need to be children, they don 't need to be forced into stuff they don 't want to do, For the children struggling in school, they just need to be confident and themselves. The goal of this paper is to inform people that they need to be more considerate of other people, and they also need to be more considerate of this around them, not just what they think is important to people “just like them”. Everyone is the same, we just all have different backgrounds. In this first paragraph, it will be talking about to school side or performing. As research was being provided for this part of the selection. Most of the information provided, talks about the children having unstable households. Also, it talks about that the reasons they have an unstable home is for their parents or guardians always arguing, or being very mean and vulgar. Their parents might be reasons on why they have an unstable home, and that is why they are so unfocused and not…

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