Essay on Why Is Education Important?

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Why does society consider education such an important quest? Should there be a purpose for education or should education simply be an intrinsic pursuit (Marples, 2010), where individuals just want to learn and become more knowledgeable. Education should be accessible for all young people to obtain skills required to become meaningful members of society, whether it is simply to acquire knowledge or to acquire more purposeful skills for a meaningful profession. How that occurs is determined by stakeholders commissioned to realise the aims for education devised by governments, who ultimately decide what is best for society. Education can be applied to any number of programmes that teach and encourage learning (Hand, 2010). The argument …show more content…
The vocational view sees education preparing students for the real world, producing productive citizens. Industrial nations, such as Australia, have become a ‘credential society’; heavily reliant on diplomas and degrees to determine who is eligible for a job (Henslin et al. 2011). Vocational training sees even the most disgruntled students acquire skills, becoming productive citizens.
Students within a vocational education see knowledge as having a purpose, learning skills and knowledge to be prosperous. Universities and other educational institutions will be required to form a more favourable alliance towards an ever changing industrial and commercial world (Pring, 2004). Research has been conducted around new learning styles of students that embody the assumption that learning requires a purpose (Pring, 2004). Holding an academic view does not prevent you from appointing an end goal to learning, once this occurs knowledge acquisition is now longer considered learning for learning sake. The beginnings of the vocational view – acquiring knowledge for purpose (Marples, 2010) learning begins to serve a greater purpose.
A vocational education system changes how people view education. According to Pring (2004) the vocational view to education is appealing to more students for a number of reasons. First with simply intellectual excellence no longer adequate on its own, some competency based skill learning is required

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