Why Is Cyber Security A Rising Priority? Essay

1715 Words May 5th, 2016 7 Pages
Why is Cyber Security a rising priority? Cyber security has always been a huge concern ever since the internet came out. There are 3 main branches of Cyber Security: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Accessibility. Every cybercrime out there violates one of these branches. Confidentiality deals with information that isn’t accessible to the public, Integrity deals with information that has been altered, and Accessibility deals with something being able to access. The first computer like invention happened in the 1950s. Everything started with IBM mainframes. These are basically huge computers. The point of these mainframes is to run commercial applications process data in bulk, plan resources and work out transaction processing for large business companies. Some of the early mainframes didn’t have large interactive interfaces. They were used by accepting punch cards, paper tape, or magnetic tape to transfer data and install programs. They couldn’t update their program easily which lead to interactive terminals rather than program development. As computers began to spread, one of the first deadly viruses began to spread. In 1989, Robert Morris created what is known as the first computer worm. This virus was able to rapidly spread and closed down 10% of the internet. This attack was known as one of the first DoS attacks (Denial of Service). This is what fueled the thinking of Cyber Security. This was the foundation for cyber security to build on.…

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