Essay on Why Is Confidentiality Important?

1959 Words Oct 24th, 2016 8 Pages
Going into this class I didn’t know what to expect. With it being called “Introduction To Counseling” I generally assumed that’s what it would be. I didn’t put that much thought into what we were going to learn about, but believe me; I am delighted I was given the opportunity to take this course. From professional ethics, attending behaviors, observation, encouraging, confrontation, and reflecting, I was given the chance to learn these skills that will help me in my professional life. Throughout this course I gained knowledge every week that was built up on top of each other that will give me the skill to perform at a higher professional level when I am faced with difficulties and challenges that come my way. One of the first things we learned about was ethical issues. This is very important when it comes to counseling. This is something I didn’t do in my first video, but after gaining more knowledge about this topic I demonstrated it in my final video. Confidentiality is very important when it comes to counseling. I informed my client that everything would be kept confidential will acceptation of self-harm, abuse, or harm towards someone else. In both videos I briefly talked about informed consent forms that they previously read over and signed before starting the session. One thing I would like to improve on would be the beginning of each of my videos and the awkward transition between introduction, talking about confidentiality, and ethical information. Attending…

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