Why I Was A Boy Essay

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In 2008 I found out I was pregnant, and not long after, I found out we were expecting twins. I could not wait to find out if we were having two boys, two girls, or one of each. It seemed like the day would never come. I longed to go out and start buying clothes, and planning their nursery. As I lay on the bed, with all the ultrasound gel on my stomach, wand moving around, I felt so nervous. The sonographer wrote "It 's a" and then paused for what felt like an eternity then finished with "girl!" I was so happy. At least one baby was a girl. She went to the next baby, and again I was nervous, and again the long pause after "It 's a". Would it be a boy? Would my husband and father-in-law feel disappointed if it was not a boy? I knew that my husband was the last chance to carry on the family name, and if it was another girl, the dream of that happening was long gone. She finally finished with "girl" and my husband seemed happy. From there out, he 'd always ask if both were still a girl, and were they sure of that answer. I think a bit half heartedly, but a bit in hope that one would magically grow a penis. It did not take long though, and they soon became daddy 's little girls. He adores those girls, and I do not think he much cares now that they are not a boy. This is not always the case, unfortunately, and some men feel very disappointed that they could not make a boy. Why are they so fixed on the sex of their baby? Sex is defined as the "biological characteristics that…

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