Reflection On Impoverished Management

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In the next few years, I will have the opportunity to become a platoon officer with the Bathurst Fire Department. Sooner or later, I know I will have to deal with a situation similar to Norm Crosby. According to Blake and Mouton’s Management Grid, I already know what it feels like to be in the “Impoverished Management” group. Let me say it is not an approach I am considering to apply as a leader the day I move up in the rank structure. One of my former captain game me an advise one day, “aim for platinum settle for gold”, which is why with Norm Crosby, my strategy would be more leaning toward “Enlightened Management” where both people and production would ultimately be my concern. First and foremost, I would sit down with Mr. Crosby and initiated a dialogue. We need to make sure that he still understand the goal set by the Zenith …show more content…
I know myself I would be using CI or CII strategies depending on the situation. Although I prefer having group or platoon meeting concerning day to day operations. Getting the pulse of your men is essential in the work place. We know that Norm Crosby appear like he is unmotivated after losing his promotion. Even if we look at him as a “Y” worker under MacGregor’s Theory, at this present time, all he sees is retirement and of course his sideline in construction where he feel it is the only place he is rewarded for what he does. “For a leader, the participation of followers is essential” . If my decision reflects only what I personally see or hear, I am not an effective leader. Firefighting is about team work. Involving fire personnel’s in different area of the operations could motivate the crew to do more for their department. To many times I have witnessed officers making decision without consulting with their men where it would result in a conflict. Let me be clear, I am not talking at an emergency scene. It is even more evident in a smaller

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