Why I Want To Be A Surgeon Essay

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"An average surgeon has perfect eyes, a strong heart, and a delicate hand." Dr. John H. Sweetnam All surgeons need a strong heart because there is fierce competition in most fields of specialized surgery. Surgeons need perfect eyes to guide their hands through surgery. The job of a surgeon is very demanding and is not a perfect fit for everyone. A surgeon requires availability, physical stamina, and a doctoral degree with an internship. The environment of the workplace, either hospital or private practice, is busy. They both work long hours. Surgeons in hospitals tend to work more irregular and overnight hours. Most surgeons are full time workers. Their job is to operate on patients and update their charts. In addition, surgeons need to design treatment plans
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Surgeons must spend almost ten years on their education. They need to graduate with their doctorate from an accredited college. After that, the surgeons must complete a one year internship, at the hospital of their choice. Surgical interns must show there residents certain qualities such as compassion towards patients or family members of the patients. As well as excellent problem solving skills, leadership, dexterity and physical stamina. At the end of their internship they must pass a written and practical exam, before operating solo (“Physicians and Surgeons: Occupational Outlook Handbook:: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics”). A surgeon requires availability, physical stamina, and a doctoral degree with a internship. Information about the job and what you need for the job all ties into what a surgeon is. To love a job, people have to fully understand the job. Being a surgeon is very time consuming. First, a surgeon requires a high education after that, they must work long irregular hours to take care of patients. Surgeons dedicate their entire lives to learning how to save

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