Essay on Why I Want For A Boot Camp

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Reason why I want to be in a boot camp is because I’m already going to be earning a bachelor’s degree in technical management before the start of the summer and I should keep my momentum as a student going. I feel that if I want to really learn code, I would have to be totally immersed in learning this new skill. Trying to do other classes or other hobbies while trying to learn code can be very distracting. It’s often difficult to learn programming by yourself as I don’t have an encouraging environment to learn it. Going into a full time computer engineering program at a traditional college would be very costly and time-consuming. Especially when I would have to invest in classes that don’t directly add value into building my skill sets. I’m choosing Skill Distillery specifically because it’s the only boot camp it the G.I. Bill accepts. Due to the nature of G.I. Bill accepted schools, I feel that Skill Distillery would allow me to be able to learn will like-minded goal oriented people and those who are also veterans. My experience going to classes with fellow veterans shows me that they have a commitment to being successful. As a former weapons radar technician I know of type of people who are successful in receiving technical training and the type of hours required to make sure mission critical equipment is ready at a moment’s notice. I’m fully aware of how many hours it’s going to take to learn this new skill.
It has been a goal of mine able in start a new career…

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