Why I Have Learned People Have Not Been Treating People As Well As They Should Not Be Treated

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So I have learned people have not been treating people as well as they should. As a child I tried to honor my mother, but as most kids know it was hard and as I grew up it became easier. Now I really don’t get asked to do anything now that I am on my own but if she needed me I would go. We always hear most often about the honoring your mother and father but how often do we hear that a father should not drive his child to anger? This so something that bothers me greatly as a cashier I see and hear all kinds of things. I have seen parents snap on their child for not moving when they were not asked to. I have seen children yelled at for helping put bags in the cart for their parents and also trying to unload the cart onto the belt. I have seen perfectly well behaved child get yelled at for talking to me as I was talking to them first. The worst was when I was talking to this wonderful 5-year-old boy and he was going on and on about dinosaurs. I loved the excitement that came to his eyes and loved to see how communicative he was at just 5 years old. As they left I told the mother how wonderful her son is and her response was “Oh, I think I like the baby better, less talkative.” I had to hold my temper because saying something like that in front of a child is disgraceful. My sister told me in the second grade that she didn’t like me anymore because I wasn’t cute and that stayed with me into adulthood. I can only image the self-esteem issues that poor boy will have.
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