Why I Have A Secret Essay

980 Words Dec 12th, 2015 4 Pages
Everyone has a secret. Secrets are like cats, no matter how hard you try to keep them trapped they will eventually be set free. Most secrets do not have the power to destroy you, but mine does. I have a power, I have mind control. I was born with this power but I didn’t fully understand it until I was ten. It only works when I make complete eye contact with a person. Then I must say a command and they will do whatever I say. The only people that know about my deepest secret is my parents. They were the ones that told me to never tell anyone ever but they never told me why. I haven’t even told my best friend River. Even though I want to tell her you just can’t trust anyone these days. But I also would never use my powers on her, I’m not that kind of friend.

“Do you wanna go to the mall?” River asks as we drive out of the school parking lot on Friday. “Yeah, sounds good.” I reply. River just recently got her driver 's license. I still have about four months till I can get mine so River drives me around everywhere. We pull out onto the main street and take a quick turn just as a car comes flying past us, we almost collide.
“River!” I yell at her.
“What?” She asks as if she has no idea.
“You know what. Now drive right.” River’s a terrible driver, I still don’t understand how she got her license. When we get to mall we were on our way to our favorite store to shop. When we turned the corner I heard shouting from one of the stores. “What’s going on in…

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