Why I Didn 't Know About The People 's Genes And Are Figuring Out Their Biological Age?

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Thinking Anthropologically
Kendall Jenner recently got a white dot as a tattoo, same color as her broken heart tattoo. She wanted to be in with the current tattoo trend. She didn’t want anything big though, to her it’s the little things that matter. She didn’t want her tattoos to show since she is a model and it is important that she doesn’t have any showing. Her broken heart tattoo shows that during that time is her life her heart was broken and getting that tattoo helps her to mend that broken heart. Or to remind her that though she went through pain at that time she can overcome it.

Genetics and the mechanics of Evolution
I found this article very interesting, researchers are taking people’s genes and are figuring out their biological age. Which can be different from their chronological age. I didn’t know that you could have two different ages based off your genes. It’s amazing how evolved science has come to be. How scientists can take your genes and find out all these different things. To be able to study the genetic differences with someone who has and doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. Also to discover the possible clues of what causes Alzheimer’s. This is evolution in the making finding an answer to what causes Alzheimer’s.

Ape Genius
Apes over time have learned to adapt to changes like humans and it’s so interesting. In this case a drone was sent to watch the chimps and one of the chimps said enough is enough so she used a stick to knock down the…

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