Essay about Why I Didn 't Come Naturally For Me As A Writer

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Writing did not come naturally for me as it did for other students, who could write within minutes and the piece was established as well said or a great explanation. I often dote on how many others have it so easy, while I spend my time struggling to write a few sentences that make sense to the reader. When I do write for school papers, my intent, like many others, is to follow the entire rubric, to make sure all that I have fits the prompt as I strive for good grades. When I was little and even now having good grades is not only essential to me, but important to my parents as well. My style of writing is hard to understand and many times I received criticism about my phrasing, an example of that being it was“awkward to follow.” Although I knew firsthand that I was not destined to be a writer, I still try as it is a necessary skill in life to have the capability to write well. On the other hand, reading has always been a favorite of mine, maybe it is because I am reading something that I did not write and thoroughly appreciate all the hard work the author went through. I enjoy a wide range of books from fairytales to mystery; the only thing hard about that is finding the needed time to finish a book.
From the day we could form words and by the age of five, we were all sent to kindergarten. Starting from an early age to develop the correct skills that we will use in our daily lives when we get older is very important to get a solid understanding. The subjects correlating to…

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