Why I Didn 't Be A Spy? Essay

2327 Words Mar 4th, 2015 null Page
I heard a rumor that if you are in his senior honors English class he takes a day to answer any and all personal questions you have about him, but only for that class. Now to me this sounds like reason enough to make you work through this class, but unfortunately I didn’t make myself do it. One of my friends Kali Smith took the class last year and apparently knows everything there is about McGee, but apparently also was sworn to secrecy with the punishment of a tortuous death because she isn’t telling anyone anything, even her closest friends. Students like to joke about McGee that the reason he is so secretive is because he’s a spy, but I think it was just how he was raised. Or as Mr. Tonkavich would say, he is an angle that has been sent to us by God to protect us. Not that he was raised to keep things as secret as much as he just doesn’t want to share things with people that aren’t relevant and most things aren’t relevant to school. Either way Dr. McGee is definitely the most secretive man I know or because of this he intrigues me and my fellow students.
Dr. McGee more than anything I think wants the very best for his students, all of them, and tries to train them for the rest of their lives in the best way he can. For example, he’s always talking about how the only reason he assigns so much work is because he wants to teach each us how to read. He continually claims that he could do the same thing with a history text book, but I think he chose literature because he…

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