Why I Chose The Child That Broadened My Horizons Essay

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I narrowed it down to three choices. Whereas I contemplated selecting the easier scenarios, I’m thankful I chose the child that broadened my horizons, challenged my intellect, caused reasonable fear for stepping outside of conventional methods, and complemented my two graduate courses, Literacy Foundation (Dr. Kira Baker-Doyle) and Intro to Inclusive Education (Dr. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe). Due to the requirements of this assignment, the picture of my student as a learner is intricate and has a clearer portrayal with in-depth content and evidence I received permission to document. I hope my transparency in this assignment reflects the condition of my heart towards education and children. I do not write this assignment as an expert, but as a humble student who desires to mature into an educator with approved expertise.
While the class reacted to the daunting task of completing running records for 30 children, I learned an instructor may have to spend countless hours discovering, researching, disclosing, and defending why a child has difficulty reading and writing, and therefore, becoming an advocate for the child’s rights. Though I want to follow the model portfolios or suggested format, I’ve struggled with writing one flowing essay since there is such a divide between Mikel as a child and as a learner. There is also a distinction between the learner he was in the reading assessment and the learner I witnessed as I assisted him with his homework, which shows the accurate…

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