Why I Chose Pursue Your Education At This Time Essay

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Write about why you chose to pursue your education at this time, and how you believe that your studies will improve your career development. Be very specific and provide examples.
Create a plan for your course selections for the next two terms. Discuss how you will plan your educational path to achieve your future career goals.
Also, include 3-5 words and their definitions (from any of the readings) that were unfamiliar to you. If you do not find any words that are unfamiliar in the readings, then take 3-5 unfamiliar words from a dictionary, and include their definitions.

After working a full-time job since graduating at 17, my life has started to pass me by. Now I am 19 and only have my eagle scout rank to show for it. When my employer downsized because there was so little work that he was considering taking an unpaid vacation himself, I knew I had time but I couldn 't afford University until I found University of the People. At this time, I chose to pursue my education because I want to be a businessman and a judge. As a judge, I would have a part in the courts in decisions to uphold the law. To be able to deliver justice and defend those that are wronged and to have family and live comfortably with them is a dream of mine that can be started with this degree. I know University of the People cannot provide me with a law degree but it does provide an accredited bachelor of business degree.
I read in the Michigan Law Review that
“It is not only that a college…

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