Why I Chose My First Semester Essay

817 Words Dec 11th, 2015 4 Pages
In my opinion, I have learned well the all concepts we have studied in this English 107 class throughout the 2015 fall semester. In this final assignment I am revising my first essay I wrote in this class. The reason why I chose my first essay to revise is because this was my first essay I have ever written in college, and now that I almost finished my first semester of college I want to look back to see what I wrote and compare myself how I improved in terms of a writer. In addition, because my major requires a lot of writing skill, by analyzing my own essay will definitely help me with my future writing assignments and career.

My first essay had lots of issues in expression and convention. After I saw the teacher comments on my essay, I noticed that I chose many words that are not very fitted in the sentence, which made it unclear to read for the readers. Especially, I used too many first person words such as, we, I, us and so on. In academic writing, first person words should not be used, therefore I replaced those first person words in order to improve my first essay. For example, I corrected “we can” to “people can”. Also, the word “The” is missing many times in the sentences, for example, the word “Author” or “Lawyer” should have “The” before them, because these names are only one, therefore it should have “The”. Other than this, there were not many big errors of expression and convention in my first essay. These changes made my essay look more formal and…

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