Why I Chose Buy The Things That I Bought Essay

1140 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Recently I had the chance to participate on in online market cite where I had the chance to buy and sell stocks. In this paper I will talk about what it was like to experience this and why I chose to buy the things that I bought. In this paper I will also talk about how my stocks performed, and if they had a sudden or unusual loss or gain. If my stocks didn’t change I will talk about why I think that is. Toward the end of my essay I will talk about one of the of the six stocks that I purchased in a little more detail than the others. I will provide you with the mission statement and a short article that results to one of the topics that we have covered in class. I will also provide you with my personal prediction of where the company will be in five years based on my research. Throughout the game I purchased six stocks them being Verizon, United Parcel Service Inc., Autodesk Inc., FedEx Corporation. Visa Inc., and Keurig Green Mountain Inc. I had purchased a seventh stock, but I sold that early in the game and that was Wendy’s, I felt as if they that stock was doing more harm to my portfolio than good. Verizon was a stock that I bought mainly because it had a growing range, and I had a feeling it would make me money in the long run. In the end it didn’t do too bad but it lost me money, which I was shocked to see. The second stock that I purchased was FedEx Corporation Inc., this was one of the three stocks that I felt did the best throughout the game. The range was…

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