Why I Become A Doctor Essay

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The readings in this class were quite interesting and made me view different situations from someone else’s perspective. With all the books and stories we were responsible for this class, I connected to three wonderful stories for two particular reasons. As a young doctor, and doctor in general, there will be times when you develop a strong attachment towards a patient that may affect you mentally or a patient comes in with symptoms that are not recognizable. When I become a doctor, I always worried how I would react under pressure and whether I would become too emotionally attached to my patient; that is why I connected to The Scalpel and the Silver Bear, From the Heart and My Own Country, short stories from the book A Life in Medicine. These three stories were from the doctor perspective and gave insight on how they felt and handle their situations. I know when I become a doctor, there will come a time when I will not be able to diagnose a patient based on their symptoms, whether it is a disease I will not be familiar with or a new disease, in general. That is a reason I was interested in the story My Own Country. The doctor in this short story was a specialist in the infectious disease department (144). A patient was rushed to the hospital and the specialist from the infectious disease department was called on site. As the patient entered the Emergency Room, his skin and nails were not of normal color and the nurses and doctors assumed the patient was suffering from an…

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