Essay on Why I Attend First Year Forgiveness For A Year Long Course

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I am petitioning for a late withdrawal for a year long course I am still currently enrolled in. This course is SC NATS 1775 6.0- Technology and Civilization. I am hoping that I will be able to receive first year forgiveness regarding this course. This year has been a tough year for my family and I, and unfortunately the family troubles followed me to school and effected my academic career. I do wish to someday have a successful future and do not want the marks from this course to ruin my potential future before I even get to start it. I would someday like to go to law school and am aware of how much they stress on having exceptional gpa’s.

The reason I did not do so well in this course is because this year has been an exceptionally tough year on my family. First with my parents on marital drama being clear to my siblings and I last summer which had really ruined whatever excitement and happiness I had for this new beginning/ chapter in my life. Then with the transition from high school to university, things became a bit too much for me. I really started to feel like there was too much change going on in my life. I soon learned how much more different university is compared to high school, with its teaching styles and how work had to be done. And then two weeks before my birthday the worst came and my grandpa who’d been suffering from Alzheimer’s for a while passed away. I really loved him, and him and my grandma pretty much raised me while my mom was still at York…

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