Essay on Why I Am Pursuing Higher Education

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George Washington Carver, an inventor, said, "Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom". I believe the higher your education is, the better prepared you are for your future. There are many reasons why I am pursuing a higher education. The reasons I am are because, I will get a better variety of job opportunities in the future, I would also get a better chance to find a purpose in life and get payed for doing something that I highly enjoy. A higher education can assist me in many different types of ways. It would help open numerous doors and give me a better variety of job opportunities. Many jobs are starting to require more than just a high school diploma. An article states "Jobs that require just a high-school degree are disappearing, but those requiring post-secondary education is increasing. The Georgetown study predicted that by 2018, 22 million new jobs would be created that require college degrees, but at least 3 million fewer people would earn college diplomas or bachelor degrees" ("Worth The Money"). At a college, I would get the opportunity to learn a multitude of new things and also get to interact with something different and educational. This would help me be flexible with different types of jobs. Bressan said, "If job satisfaction is important to you, then consider pursuing a college degree. Studies have shown that people who attend college have greater work opportunities, are more satisfied at work, and tend to have skills that can be easily…

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