Why I Am Chinese American Essay

1366 Words May 22nd, 2016 null Page
There are many different ways we can identify ourselves—perhaps you are a white, female, San Franciscan, or a first-generation college student and Chinese-American son. Please share two or three of your core identifiers and how they have shaped who you are. (500)

I am Chinese-American. I am the proud daughter of two Chinese immigrants, who rose out of poverty in order to go to medical school and become successful doctors in the United States. They raised my sister and me while still struggling through their residency, and still take us back to their native cities of Shanghai and Wenzhou whenever they can. This connection and these trips are important to me, as I, growing up in an area where the Chinese are few and far between, stuck out like a spring roll in a hot dog stand. I was not only the one Chinese child in my elementary and middle school classes, but also the only Asian child, in the predominantly white school. That led to many interesting interactions between my classmates and I, such as when the main question when they found out that I knew a little Mandarin was “What’s my name in Chinese?” I took it upon myself to learn more about my background culture and language, even helping found a non-profit called the Pandeagle Cultural Institute in order to help raise awareness and spread the Chinese culture and language throughout the community through classes. I even helped organize a cultural event where we taught our friends and family about Chinese games,…

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