Why I Am A Pediatrician Or Obstetrician / Gynecologist Essay

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My goal is to pursue a career in medicine for multiple reasons, but the one of the reasons is because I want to break the language barrier. I believe every person should have a right to be heard and understood. I was born and raised by Haitian parents. As a result I 'm bilingual.Im able to speak Haitian creole and English. Im thankful to be bilingual because i 'm able to communicate with my grandmother and my family from Haiti. In Haiti there is great need of medical attention in small rural areas. The problem with healthcare in Haiti is that there is no system, no structure. Healthcare facilities that exist in Haiti are inadequate, have insufficient medical staff, equipment, and treatment. I decided with my gift of being bilingual and my love for medical science why not use both and go into the field of medicine.I have yet to decide whether I want to be a Pediatrician or Obstetrician/Gynecologist. I believe the envision program will help me decide where I really want to be.

An issue in today 's medical field is that some doctors in and nurses in the US are unable to communicate with patients of Haitian descent. This is a major problem for both the patient and the physician,because the patient can receive inadequate medical treatment, be forced to deal with excess pain, and this can result in death. This will effect the physician drastically because they will be held responsible.

Patients who only speak in their native language or who are LEP ( limited English…

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