Why I Am A Last Week Essay

801 Words Jan 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
Last week I experienced an enormous amount of stress. Suddenly at the last minute the apartments that I live in decided that they were not going to allow me to downsize. The stressor was that they waited until three days after my lease ended to inform me of this disturbing decision. I had to begin searching for a new apartment within a couple of days. All I could do was cry. I was in such disbelief that their professionalism was so atrocious. Thankful they had a change of heart and agreed to me downsizing to the apartment that I had requested. Then, there was the actual move! I had no dependable help from anyone except my son’s father. I ended up on the first day of moving re-injuring my right leg, by tearing ligaments, which stopped me from getting everything moved in a timely manner. Instead It took my about five days. I was beyond stressed. All I could do was fight through the pain and just keep going until it was all over. It’s been two weeks since the move and my leg has healed, so today I have not had any real stressful events to take place. This week actually has been a pretty decent one. I have almost completely finished unpacking every box and hanging every décor. Just a couple left to go. With time and getting my house organized surely made the stress slowly diminish away.
Sometimes I deal with stress by crying or just sleeping it off. I usually feel a little better after a good night sleep. I know I can’t always control the circumstances that life throws my way,…

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