Essay about Why I Am A Doctor

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Oh jeez, I can already predict what we are going to talk about. Sigh. It can only be out of a few main choices. It probably is about becoming a doctor in the future, it is his favourite topic. Every. Single. Time. Every single time he wants to drive me to school, “So you will be a doctor in the future right?” Ugh. It makes me feel sick sometimes. I’d imagine it be boring and stressful, just like school, and who the hell wants their entire life to be like school? Teachers must be insane. I know doctors make a crap ton of money, and it must be a good job to have, but there are just so many better things that I could choose. I just wish I had a bit more freedom. And that I wouldn’t have to listen to his constant yammering.
Why can’t it just be the usual silence on the way to school? Mom never talks about this stuff. With her it is always just calm peaceful silence, a blissful time to have my own thoughts to myself and think about all the assignments and stress and work and…arrgh. Just so much stuff. At least I can focus on work and tests when she is here. And she is not as strict as my dad. But I am still sure she would freak out if she knew I had a girlfriend. Or if she knew that I don’t believe in god. Hell, they both freaked out about an 83% in English, imagine if they knew all these other things. Ironically enough, they can barely speak English themselves, and they still get upset with an 83. It’s not even that bad of a mark.

Yes dad, I understand, I know I have to…

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