Why Fighting Should Be Banned Essay

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In the 2011-2012 NHL offseason Derek Boogard, Rick Rypien, Wade Belak and Bob Proburt all sadly passed away. Three out of the four had committed suicide and the other overdosed on pain medication. When doctors looked at the brains of all four they all had CTE. Was it just a coincidence that all 4 were enforcers? Was it a coincidence that all 4 had countless concussions and developed CTE? Was it a coincidence that three out of the four killed them selves? I say No! Fighting was a major factor in every death. The authors of the two articles that were published in the last five-years both agree and discuss why fighting should be banned. Although both authors want fighting abolished one author only wants it banned in junior hockey. Contrary the other author discuss why fighting should be banned in all hockey leagues.

Both authors have different arguments of why fighting should be banned. Charlie Gillis an author for McLean’s magazine argues, “someone’s going to get killed, we warned ourselves. And now that someone had, it seemed hypocritical not to act.” He said this after the death of Don Sanderson a minor league player who died from hitting his head on the ice after being punched in the face. The other author Rajendra Kale, MD, the editor in chief for the CMJA argues that fighting and CTE a degeneration of the brain from concussions go hand in hand. She states “Evidence from boxing injuries collected over decade’s shows that repeated head trauma would cause brain…

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