Why Fast Food Isn 't Cheaper Than Healthy Food Essay

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Some people think that it is cheaper to buy fast food than it is healthy food and others have the completely other perspective about which one is cheaper. Well what perspective of that is correct to believe? Well according to Tim Harlem in his article, “Why Fast Food isn’t Cheaper than Healthy Food” he thinks that buying healthy food over fast food is cheaper. After reading his article I did find it to be a pretty reliable source to make someone believe that buying healthy food and preparing it at home is actually cheaper than buying fast food. There are a few flaws though that would make someone believe otherwise though. Reading the first paragraph of his article which he gives an overview of what he will be discussing he goes into talk about a study that was done. In this study they talk about why fast food menu items can be advertised as being so cheap. It’s great that he provides a fact right away from a study to draw you into believe that he is right. The only problem is that he does not source or say anything about what the study was called or where he got this information from to back up what he is saying. Which is something that could make someone not want to believe his point since he isn’t backing up some of his information with where he got it.
In his article he points out several facts in how the prices compare to what you get at a fast food restaurant to what you can buy in the grocery store and make at home. The first fast food place he mentions is McDonald’s,…

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