Why Dr. Gutierrez Was Intentionally Attempting Stop Delay Or Cancel Altogether My Tubal Ligation Surgery

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I believe Dr. Gutierrez was intentionally attempting to delay or cancel altogether my tubal ligation surgery. The reasons for this belief follows. I had two appointments with Dr. Christina Gutierrez prior to the day of surgery. The first was on 11/11 when I first asked for my tubal to which she gave me many reasons why she thought I may regret it and offered that my husband could have an equally permanent form of sterilization as if his regret would be less likely. Our second appointment was on 12/1 after she spoke with my therapist regarding my desire for sterilization. She again gave me all her reasons for thinking I would regret it, but after speaking with my therapist she would reluctantly consent to the surgery. She tried to keep the meeting brief, but I insisted on scheduling the day of surgery immediately. She didn’t ever sit and talk with about the procedure, what to expect, post-care or anything. I had to ask her in the hallway about recovery as she tried to leave me behind. The surgery is scheduled for Thursday, December 22 at 9:30 am. I am told to be there by 7:30.

Two days before surgery I arrive for pre-admission to get blood work and paperwork done. I am again reminded that my arrival will be 7:30 and surgery will be at 9:30. No red flags are brought up. Everything is fine to go ahead.

Day of surgery. I wake up at 6:20 to get ready to go to the hospital. My phone rings at 6:30, the hospital asks if I am on my way, confused I say that I was told to arrive at…

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