Why Downt You Riyt Back And Me? By Kathryn Pole Essay

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A recent reviewing of the journal article titled “Why downt you riyt back to me?” by Kathryn Pole, focused on ideas on how to encourage young students to become good writers. In the article kindergarten teachers expressed their struggles of teaching their young students how to become creative writers. The lesson plans that they were currently using were lacking comprehensive skills for their students. All the teachers from the article decided to develop a different procedures to teaching writing lessons.
The main lesson focus idea was called letter-writing project. Letter-writing project is to connect students with their family history which will provide literacy, support, extend children’s learning and give an idea of their cultural aspects. The process of the project includes parent and other family member involvement.
The process starts by contacting the child’s parent/guardian asking for their participation in the lesson and describe what the involvement includes. The parent/guardian involvement in one of the teacher’s lessons was to have parents/guardians write a letter to the student of a certain topic and the student will response back with their thoughts. Then for the duration of the letter process extend the topic to other topics to develop the child’s creativity in different topics addressed to them. Another one of the teacher’s letter-writing project was similar, however it didn’t involve the parents writing letter she had the parent contact a family member that…

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