Essay about Why Don 't You Tell Us Doc?

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Says/Does/Because Analysis “What would you give to know the meaning of life… to know the one secret necessary to understand your place in the cosmos. What would you give?” “Why don’t you tell us Doc?,” a kid to the left of me called out.” “ I could, but then it wouldn 't mean anything. Knowledge is worthless without sacrifice,” Dr. Lauden says. (240-241)
Every person has at least asked once in their life what is the meaning of their life, what purpose do they have on this land called, Earth. They imagine many possibilities but what if someone just told you what it meant. Would it mean anything to a person if it was so easily able to describe in just a couple of sentences. In most cases it would not, knowledge without some type of loss is worthless. Challenges and numerous difficult tasks must be made to achieve the information a person longs for. The author realizes this in humankind and interprets it into her book, making the reader realize that they too will ponder what would they sacrifice for the knowledge they desire. The author wanted the reader to have the sensation that they too were in the book and did so, by adding a scene where the one reading the story felt the need to think about it as well. Her example of what many question allowed for the reader to connect with the main character and begins to see the world in their eyes.

Development of a Theme
If you believe something to be the right thing then do it, don 't worry what others will think. Jesse…

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